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Navigating the AI Impact: Insights from PR, Marketing, & Creative Experts

Panel discussion about the impact of AI on marketing, branding and creatives.
(Left to right) Industry panelists Jase Payne, Tracy Williams, Reed Guice, Rita Green, William Colgin, and Aloysius Ballard, discuss their experiences and insights on the impact of AI on PR, marketing, and creativity.

Are you ready for a revolution? The rise of artificial intelligence or AI platforms is inevitable, but will they revolutionize or ruin our jobs? That was the question asked at the industry discussion on AI held on Thursday, April 13 at the Knight Nonprofit Center in Gulfport, MS. And who better to weigh in on the topic than Geaux Rabbit Co-Founder, Rita Green?

During the luncheon event, industry leaders and experts gathered to discuss the inevitable rise of AI platforms and their potential impact on PR, marketing, and creativity. The panel, hosted by the American Advertising Federation Mississippi Gulf Coast Chapter and the Public Relations and Marketing MS Gulf Coast Chapter, featured notable panelists, including Green who shared her insights on the importance of embracing new technologies like AI. The event, entitled Man vs. Machine: An Interactive Panel Discussion on PR, Advertising & Your Creativity, was moderated by Cece M. Shabazz, Memorial Hospital's brand strategist and creative services manager.

Green highlighted the benefits of using AI, such as increased efficiency and productivity, while also acknowledging the need to balance AI with human input to achieve the best results.

"It's been a game-changer for us in our business," Green said. "ChatGPT allows you to get time back. A lot of us give time for money. But with ChatGPT, with Midjourney, with Leonardo, and other platforms that are AI-based, it gives you back your time. You have technology that's doing something at the speed of light and you must not be afraid of that. Don't be afraid and think that it's going to take your job because you're the one that has to put something into it. If you put good stuff in, you'll get good stuff out. The more creative you get, the more creative it gets."

Other panelists included Aloysius Ballard, Beyond Expectations Production; William Colgin,William Colgin Photography; Reed Guice, Guice and Guice Advertising; Jase Payne, City of Gulfport PR Manager; and Tracy Williams, MS Gulf Coast Community College, Graphic Design Technology Instructor. The group shared their diverse experiences and perspectives on the impact of AI in the industry. The panelists engaged in thought-provoking discussions on the potential impact of AI on job security, the need for companies to upskill their workforce, and the importance of maintaining a human touch in the industry.

"Even if you don't think you want to use it, your competitors are so you don't have a choice so you are going to just have to jump in," Williams said about the conversation she's already having with her graphic design students at MGCCC - Perkinston Campus.

A Man Vs. Machine event graphic

The event was a wake-up call for industry professionals to stay informed and adapt to the changing landscape of the industry. As AI continues to shape the future of the industry, the discussion highlighted the need for companies to maintain ethical and transparent practices when using AI.

"A lot of my successes have come from learning the prompts, going through the motions but then testing it and continuing to test it, Payne said of learning the AI-related software. "And also I have to stop myself from being overcompensated and overly consumed by sticking with just one. You can just go in and learn them all unless you are a student. Of if you have that opportunity to spend 12 hours a day just doing it. And so I focused on just ChatGPT."

The panelists emphasized that while AI can enhance creativity and efficiency, it should be used in conjunction with human input to achieve the best results. The discussion also addressed the potential pitfalls of relying too heavily on AI and the need for companies to develop new strategies to stay competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.

The industry discussion on AI proved to be a thought-provoking event that shed light on the potential impact of AI on the industry. The panelists' diverse backgrounds and experiences also served as a reminder of the need for industry professionals to stay informed and adapt to the changes. Panelists also noted that it is essential for professionals to strike a balance between AI and human input and to maintain ethical and transparent practices when using the technology.


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